Exciting New Party Option

The Foam Party Experience

Finding unique, fun party activities is hard. Especially in the Bay Area’s hot weather.

What is Foam?

It’s like a dance party in a pool, without the pool. without getting wet. Well, not soaking wet. You still get to show off your swimwear.

The Pictures Tell The Story…

of the making of a great party

Your Guests And You Have Seen It All

Aren’t we all tired already of boring parties?

Especially when celebrating an outdoor party. You want an attraction that is UNIQUE and FUN, am I right?

But how do you keep the kids laughing when it’s too hot to move? Even the icing on the cake is melting at this point.

The challenge is engaging the children (and grandparents) in a constructive exciting activity, all at the same time.

That’s where the Foam Party Experience comes into play.

The Foam Party Experience

Have a pool party without the pool!

Imagine a mountain in your background, a mountain made of foam.
Sounds amazing, right? Finally, something new that the kids have never experienced.

The FOAM Party Experience is your secret ingredient for an unforgettable celebration!

Here is how your event can play out:

I do all the work! I am going to set up my gear which includes a foam machine, and as the outdoors party starts, I am going to shoot layers of biodegradable foam. That creates photogenic excitement, as the kids play with the foam for 30 to 60 minutes and love to experiment, examine and simply have a good time.

And the best part – the pictures! amazing! Picture life-long memories that show that your party was the BEST. That’s what we do in San-FOAM-cisco.

The foam is mostly air and water and therefore it’s very safe for play. If it gets in your eyes it might feel like shampoo. It doesn’t stain or have an aroma but it can make you wet.

That’s why it is recommended that the kids will bring a towel with them, as well as goggles and swimming gear. Like a pool party, you choose how wet you get.

It takes about ten minutes for the foam to disappear entirely without leaving any residue. This makes the clean-up so easy. The effect on the lawn resembles a bouncy castle imprint. BTW – You will provide water and electricity. I can connect to any type of garden hose or faucet. 


Sounds like great fun?

Make your event Cool,

Wild, and Wacky with the FOAM Party

How Does It Work?

Adding the FOAM Experience to your outdoor party in three easy steps

Step One

Book us (To Lock In Our Availability On The Date Of Your Event Click Here)

Step Two

Party prep – make sure there is a water faucet and power outlet within a hundred feet

Step Three

Have Fun!

Pro Tips:

  • [Consider letting your guests know they should bring swimwear, goggles, and towels
  • [If you need us to arrange some background music for you, we have a package that includes that
  • [This party is perfectly fitted for 50 kids, or more if case they go into the foam in turns
If you have any questions whatsoever,
text me on  4152603915.

Who is this for?

Adding FOAM to your party is great in any of these types of events
  • Preschool Events
  • Special occasions
  • Company picnics
  • School Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Birthdays
  • Festivals & Fairs

Beat the Heat with Foam in your Party for four important reasons

Use these reasons to convince your spouse, boss or both

Great Memories

Move Your Body

Bring People Together

Unique Experience

It is also Super Fun and you will be the first of your friends to have thought of booking this!

Enjoy the OMG Generator

(a.k.a The FOAM Experience)

What people say about Hernan’s Entertainment Services

Great memories, move your body, bring people together, SUPER FUN

A bit about us

It’s a pleasure to meet you!
  • [Bigger than life - Hernan’s Foam Parties include a mountain of foam that is so huge it exceeds expectations
  • [Details matter - Hernan understands the importance of details. Attention to a lot of small details makes a big event go smoothly. As an event producer. Hernan has produced craft fairs, concerts, and a roving bus based theatre. Let him do the worrying.
  • [Your kids are going to listen - Kids connect to Hernan immediately - maybe because Hernan has been performing in birthdays and street shows for over 20 years
  • [Over the top "wow" factor Hernan’s experience in the performing arts goes above and beyond magical. Spectacular is his middle name. Do you wonder why he chose to also do Foam parties in his unique "wow" way?
  • [Your event will be a guaranteed success - as a veteran in kids entertainment, Hernan knows how to work with short attention spans. He gets everyone on board, nobody is left behind!
  • [Your event is going to be fun & funny! - His extensive work on big bubble shows and clowning was the inspiration to create the FOAM party experience
  • [Your event can have great sound - thinking of having a live band or DJ? Hernan has over 30 years of experience as professional audio and sound producer for events of all sizes. He is technically savvy so can go from setting up playlists for you, all the way up to working with live bands, karaoke machines and DJs, so that your event can always get to the next level.

Safe for FUN

We care about the safety of your guests. Here is what you can expect in terms of safety:

The foam will cover (hide) everything! So put any way trip hazards, – like tricycles or lawn chairs. The foam can get higher than a toddler so ask us to keep the foam low when toddlers are present. We don’t want to lose them!

The foam is as slippery as water. So if you’re on a lawn with long grass or a smooth glossy surface, it can be slippery. To prevent accidents, guests should not run on foam-covered surfaces

Our foam solution is safe for fun because it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic. We do, however, recommend goggles to keep it out of your eyes, (and for photo purposes 🙂

Safety Summary:
  • Bring a towel
  • Bring goggles
  • Do not run on wet surfaces as they are slippery
The kids will be entertained and excited and will forget themselves. We expect you to have an assigned sober adult to make sure that the common sense precautions are adhered to.

See people have fun with the Foam Party Experience

Our Packages

Package 1
NAME: Golden Gate
Duration: 55 minutes
  • The FOAM experience
  • Professional operator with years of experience
  • Expect pictures from the event to be Pinterest ready
  • Instagram Reel opportunities for all

Price: $400

Package 2
NAME: Angel Island
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • All of the above PLUS:
  • Music system with a selection of playlists
Add on: add 30 minutes for an extra $150

Price: $450

Package 3
NAME: Mount Tam
Duration: 2.5 hours
  • All of the above plus
  • Your choice of a 30-45 minute magic show / 30-45 minute Bubble show / Balloon artists who makes balloon throughout the event

Starting at: $1125

Spectacular Parties
NAME: Santa Cruz
Duration: 2.5 hours
  • All of the above plus access to your choice of stilt walkers, face painting, karaoke machines, balloon twisters, dancers, clowns and more
  • Add a band or a DJ
  • Corporate Event Grade Sound System
  • Two people in the crew, operating the event and keeping everything smooth and clean

Price: starting at $4000


What do you wear for a foam party?
Hat and Sunscreen. You can wear your best swimwear ( awesome pictures). Expect to be outside the sun. Shorts and tee shirts, sun-dresses all work well. Imagine you are going to a pool party! Warning: You will want to take pictures 😀
Can I celebrate with the Foam Party Experience indoors?
Foam evaporates in the sun but does not evaporate inside a building. Approximately 110 gallons of water will be sitting on the floor at least temporarily. Foam parties have been an indoor attraction for years BUT the interiors have been treated for water drainage and anti-slip surfacing.
Does the foam leave any mess or residue?
There is minimal residue. The mess is less than a slip and slide and qual to a bouncy house
When will you arrive at the party?
I like to be unloading in your driveway 30 minutes before the show. If there are challenges with parking, stairs, uneven surfaces or accessibility issues of any kind let me know ahead of time so I can arrive earlier and be able to start on time.
How many kids can enjoy the Foam Party at the same time?
Always a good question. 20- 50 people can splash around the foam at full foam blast. Some people will only get a little foamy and so quite often the crowds are larger.
Should I book any additional entertainment for the party?
The foam experience is all you need. It’s a big mountain of foam 😀  Maybe a good dance playlist playing on my speakers? But yes, a good foam party invites a barbeque, a band, a makeup artist, a costumed mermaid, and a balloon twister. You don’t need these extras but …
“I understand the science of celebration. Keep it simple but make it SPECTACULAR! I am an entertainer at heart and FOAM parties are the surest and easiest way to manufacture big fun. We all enjoy a good party. But the kids enjoy it more than anyone.”

It’s decision time

Do you want people to walk into your event, have their jaws hit the ground and get them to say Oh My God!
If so, the Foam Party Experience is that good.
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